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Digital documents and electronic signatures were untrusted...

We have just fixed that!

 adding more security, privacy and trust to collaborative tools 

Different signature Levels

. From a simple signature for agreements between 2 parties to

a secure signature with KYC status and verifiable credentials to sign official and sensitive documents.

Different types of signature process

A simple signatures process for agreements;

A multi-signatures process when authorized signers need to sign a document before other signers

A signature process for notarized (apostille) documents.

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Blockchain, NFT and Distributed Files Storage Systems

The D.O.C technology is linking signatures and initials to unique NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) and smart contracts while transforming document signatures in transactions recorded on its blockchain distributed ledger. 

.Documents completed are secured via a DFS (Distributed Files Storage) solution that automatically fragment the document and encrypt, duplicate and store the elements on multi nodes

.A unique QR code is linked to a document completed enabling verifiers to access document verifiable elements, managed by a ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proof) solution, such as signatures fingerprints (hashes), timestamps, document history and signatories NFT authentication.

A suite of Innovative solutions 

D.O.C Sign: a new generation of e-signature blockchain managed using NFT (solutions to reinforce security and trust;

D.O.C Passportprovides an access, protected by a ZKP technology, to the verifiable elements of documents recorded in the blockchain ledger and to a tamper-proof audit trail while allowing to exchange and trace unalterable copies;

D.O.C Verifyprovides solutions to trace and track documents and instantly verify copies to check if they were tampered with or are forged;

D.O.C Storage: provides a highly secure DFS solution (Distributed File Storage) blockchain managed to protect (security and privacy of) digital documents before storing them on a cloud or on premise;

D.O.C Collaboration: a secured suite of tools to work on documents and share them with a team, partners and clients. The suite includes secure messaging and video meeting solutions. 


. D.O.C  has built his Software as a Service ("SaaS") platform and architecture on top of a permissioned blockchain infrastructure.  D.O.C is using blockchain to manage its own nodes and provides a solid permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”). The blockchain infrastructure is based on an innovative evolution of the NEM Catapult blockchain and its security was certified by US National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”).  the infrastructure is also providing the Distributed File Storage System needed  to securely scale the venture. 


. D.O.C is also using a AWS infrastructure in its tech architecture to provide clients stable and flexible solutions


. The D.O.C platform is built on an APIs library and API solutions for integration can be provided to clients with 'Custom Plan".


. The D.O.C technology design enables the platform to offer a strategic flexibility to clients who can choose to use dedicated (blockchain) nodes for an exclusive and private solution on premise.

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A platform blockchain managed for a total trust

The first generation of e-signature and digital documents management were widely untrusted. We redesigned and improved them using fresh solutions powered by blockchain to provide a suite of tools you can trust