Trust - Security - Privacy

Powered by a blockchain architecture 

Different signature Levels

. A simple secure signature for simple agreements between 2 parties;

. A secure signature with KYC status and verifiable credentials to sign official documents linked to government bodies, banks or insurances.

Different types of signature process

. A simple signatures process for agreements;

. A multi-signatures process when a company needs several authorised signers;

. A signature process for notarized (apostille) documents.

Blockchain and Distributed Files Storage System

. D.O.C solution is linking signatures and initials to smart contracts and transforms document signatures in transactions recorded on its blockchain. 

. Documents signed are encrypted, sharded and stored on multi nodes managed by D.O.C

. A unique QR code is linked to a document signed enabling verifier to access the document verifiable elements such as signatures, ashes, time-stamps, document history and signature credentials.


. D.O.C  has built his Software as a Service ("SaaS") platform and blockchain architecture on top of the ProximaX Sirius infrastructure.  D.O.C is using its partnership with ProximaX to manage its own nodes and provides a solid Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”) infrastructure based on an evolution of the NEM Catapult blockchain.  ProximaX is also providing the infrastructure for the Distributed File Storage System needed  to scale the venture. 


. D.O.C is also using a AWS infrastructure in its tech architecture to provide clients stable and flexible solutions


. The D.O.C platform is built on an APIs library and API solutions for integration can be provided to 'Custom Plan" clients 


. The D.O.C technology design enables the platform to offer a strategic flexibility to clients who can choose to use dedicated nodes for an exclusive and private solution.

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