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We didn't reinvent the Internet, only e-documents management

using new technologies for a fresh approach called D.O.C Paperless!

3 products, 1 suite of services to manage them and a high level of security and privacy...

e-Document to sign, manage and store documents 

e-Invoice to send and manage invoices and receipts

e-Notarize to notarize documents signed with an accredited lawyer

e-Collaboration to work with your team and network, share documents safely and work on them via video meetings

How to start?

You can select a plan that fits your business and needs. The plan offers you the possibility to sign and manage many documents per month, but if you need, you can upgrade for more at any time.

A SaaS platform blockchain managed  

The D.O.C platform associates tamper-evident digital signatures to a distributed files storage and a zero knowledge proof solution 

The value of this architecture is that once a signature fingerprint is recorded in the blockchain and a document is stored, they cannot be changed, altered or lost... And copies can be verified, to instantly see if the document was counterfeit 

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benefits: Security, Privacy, Trust and Cost saving

. Actions are saved on the blockchain, with a timestamp for each signature and for the document completed.

. Our solution can be trusted while significantly reducing the cost of document management. 

. Only signers can access documents signed and the traceability (audit trail) is also recorded in the blockchain

. The document verifiable elements are controlled by the signers to provide a high level of privacy.

Watch an introduction to D.O.C

A better traceability with tools under one umbrella

The traceability of all the tools you used to create, sign, manage and store documents was a nightmare. 

D.O.C is changing that, offering a secure way to use the tools you need under one secure umbrella to easily work with your team and network.