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Document signature on Chain

Save your signed documents on the blockchain,

digitally sign them with a time-stamp and prove their existence every time you need 

How to start?

You can select a plan that fits your business and needs. The plan offers you the possibility to sign and manage a certain number of documents per month, but if you need, you can upgrade for more at any time.


How it works?

. Choose a document (by uploading a new document or selecting one in your template library) and select the places where initials or/and signatures need to be added;

. Select the level of signature you need (Simple secure signature or Secure signature with KYC);

. Select the type of signature process you need (Simple, Authorized or Notarized). Sign the document (if you need) and send it to the other persons involved.

What are the benefits?

All actions are saved as transactions in the blockchain, with a time-stamp for each signature and for the completed document.

No one can access and modify a document signed on the blockchain. You can recover your documents anytime and prove they were signed at a specific date.

Our solution can be trusted while significantly reducing the cost of documents management. 

You manage the documents you have signed and you can any time provide 'verifiable' about the documents and the signers, 

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