• Saurat Fred

A new generation of trustable and secure e-signature with blockchain NFT

Updated: 3 days ago

As Mark Cuban, the billionaire tech entrepreneur, said in a recent interview ”Non Fungible Tokens can disrupt electronic signatures”. Doconchain via its DOC Paperless platform of solutions blockchain protected is experiencing it live in the APAC region.

A suite of collaborative and customizable solutions blockchain managed to support governments and enterprises of all sizes in a secure transition to digital.

The suite of services powered by Doconchain (DOC Sign, DOC Source, DOC Storage, DOC Passport, DOC Collaboration, DOC Mobile and DOC Verify) enables, under a blockchain architecture, to:

- Prepare documents (with a video conference tool and a messaging service);

- Approve and sign them (with a new generation of e-signature based on NFT that I will introduce below);

- Secure them, before storage, via a layer of security based on blockchain DFS (Distributed Files Storage) where documents are automatically fragmented, encrypted and duplicated before to have the parts stored on a distributed network of nodes;

- Verify them with a document passport that include an immutable and incorruptible history and verifiable elements such as blockchain and NFT records and

-Track them using document tracking and management solutions.

DOC Sign, a new generation of e-signature trustable and secure based on NFT blockchain technology.

Non-fungible tokens blockchain managed are digital assets that represent unique tangible and intangible items. The first generation of NFT represented assets from collectible sports cards and digital art works to virtual real estate and even digital goods.

One of the main benefits is that each NFT contains distinguishing information that makes it both distinct from any other NFT and easily verifiable. This makes the creation and circulation of fake assets pointless because each item via blockchain transaction records can be traced back to the original issuer.

Doconchain with 'DOC Sign' has adapted its blockchain architecture to transform e-signatures and initials in unique NFT assets owned by their creators which makes the marks trustable and secure. When a document is signed, the NFT is used in a transaction recorded in the blockchain ledger with its unique fingerprint and timestamp that are integrated as verifiable elements in the document passport. In other words, if someone try to forge a digital document adding an image of a signature on it, the passport will not show the signature records (NFT transaction) in the blockchain ledger and the document will be identified as forged.

And the beauty of our platform (for the blockchain tech savvy readers), is that we don’t use Ethereum blockchain for our solutions but a solid permissioned blockchain totally scalable with low transaction fees and an infrastructure more adapted to government and enterprise needs. And yes, we were able to develop (fractionable) NFTs outside Ethereum.

Try DOC Paperless now with our online SaaS platform Doconchain.io and start with our free plan

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