• Saurat Fred

The New Normal? Remote work with 4 must to have solutions:

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

How to manage your Company post-pandemic?

The COVID-19 has affected and changed about 90% of businesses around the world. No one saw this coming at this rate and this magnitude. Everyone is adjusting on the fly based on government regulations and the rise in numbers of infected individuals.

We do not know yet if we are ever going back to how businesses were run before, pre-pandemic. What we do know is that almost all businesses need to adapt to this “new normal” for them to survive. It is difficult and painstaking to many small and medium businesses. Our hands are pretty much tied, and we all need to adjust to this new normal.

What means the New Normal for your businesses?

With the new generation of tools and technology, business operations can still happen in this “new normal” stage of our life. Here are some solutions that companies and organizations must integrate to ensure the business continuity in a secure way and at low cost but also to boost their business growth.

Remote working

Even before the pandemic, working remotely is already getting very popular because its many advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The pandemic just sped up its adoption rate exponentially. Instead of it happening over the next 2-3 years, companies are forced to make it happen immediately. Since we do not have a definitive timeline on when employees can go back to their physical offices, a remote working solution is key in keeping the businesses afloat. Owners just need to make sure employees have the necessary hardware, working space, and an internet connection to make remote work effective. The future of work will be something hybrid with the association of office work for team meetings and remote work the rest of the time.

Here are the 4 must have solutions for remote work during the New Normal:

1) Online meetings and video conferences

The closest substitute for a face-to-face conversation is video conferencing. It gives team members the ability to work together. Video conferencing tools nowadays have screen sharing features that are like presenting in front of an audience in a physical room. Though nothing beats face to face meetings, video conference is the next best thing to continue your business.

2) Cloud-based storage solutions

Cloud computing is another technology that has gained popularity over the last several years while becoming less expensive and more secure with blockchain and distributed storage technologies. You can access your files from multiple devices and for as long as you have internet access, these solutions let you access or share pertinent files without the need of carrying physical computers or hard drives.

3) Online collaboration tools

Instead of exchanging heavy back and forth emails to multiple mailboxes, online collaboration tools eliminate the need to unnecessarily bounce around heavy files within the network. Collaborative tools enable a team to work on documents and share them with anyone who has an access. These tools help streamline ideas, files and keep everything organized.

4) E-documents, e-invoice and digital signature

Similar to the advantages of cloud solutions and collaboration tools, having an e-Document management platform eliminates the need for printing and physically exchanging documents or invoices from person to person. Especially today that the majority of businesses are done online, the need to have a solution for a safe management of e-Documents associated to a digital signature system comes in handy.

The Grail is to have all these ‘must to have’ solutions in one platform and it is exactly what DocOnChain provides with its SaaS collaborative platform built to make documents safer and the collaboration around them more secure.

The platform is developed around a new generation of tamper-proof, blockchain-based digital signature and a distributed files storage system. This new platform proposes, at an affordable price, secure solutions to sign, manage, share and store documents and invoices and also remotely notarize documents (where it is authorized).

DocOnChain is in private beta, you can get your free account here.