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How Freelancers can manage their client bills with Doc Paperless

The goal for a freelancer or consultant is to be able to get paid fast and on time.

South Asia independent contractors are one of the fastest growing segments contributing to the international freelance labor market (more commonly known as the ‘gig economy’).

remote work provides freelancers with benefits like flexibility, work life balance, shorter commutes, and more job satisfaction (to name a few). All of these perks have resulted in an astronomical increase in freelancers In the emerging region. For example, over 1.5 million Filipinos have embraced the freelance life, which is 2% of the total population and 86% of Filipino remote workers said that they anticipate future growth for their freelance business.

But there is the eternal challenge of how to get paid and sometime not only ‘how’ but simply to get paid. Good and clear Bill Approval, Invoice and Receipt are the top friends of the freelancer. From there they can start to think of the best options to receive the payment without losing too much on fees during the transfer

With Doc Paperless, freelancers can organize a simple process creating templates

They can:

1. Send the contract for signature and the bill for approval

2. Send signed invoice to be paid and a signed receipt when tbey are paid.

More the relation is professional with a clear process less conflicts or misunderstanding can surface.

Some tips from the Doc Paperless team.

The bill is important: It is always important to send a clear bill for approval to clients. When the document is completed (approved) it is automatically recorded on the immutable distributed ledger with timestamps which means that you can any time prove that the bill was already approved.

The invoice even more: Ensure your invoice appears professional. Include your business name (or your name), address, and contact information in the header. Your invoice needs to be clear, understandable, and concise: your customer is going to want to know exactly what they are being charged for. All taxes, surcharges, equipment fees, and other expenses need to be clearly labeled. You can easily find invoice templates generators online to get you started.

Always, always, specify when your invoice is due. A clear due date on your invoice (as well as any penalties for late payments) gives a professional appearance, and protects you in case of late or default payments. Another aspect of a good invoice is that it’s immediately obvious how to pay it. Include instructions and details on what sort of payment you will accept, and in what currency.

Start today to try our Doc Paperless Free Plan and keep your business running.

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