• Saurat Fred

D.O.C Paperless for tamper-proof diplomas management

Updated: Mar 30

The problem regarding the counterfeiting of diplomas and the selling of fraudulent certificates is growing fast all over the world. Doconchain proposes its tech platform blockchain protected as a solution.

The goal is to reinforce trust and transparency in the process of checking for academic qualifications, decrease fraudulent practices, and provide solutions for individuals without the need to provide physical documentation, to be able to capitalize on previous qualifications via the use of a decentralized and trustable technological system and platform.

The counterfeiting of diplomas, the selling of fraudulent certificates, and degree by organizations that commercialize them are not a new issue but this ‘business’ is growing due to the transition to digital by institutions and other international courses. Certificates and diplomas forgery affects society in several ways. Recent surveys indicate a growing number of quality issues with certification and diploma information presented in job applications. Universities may offer some form of verification or rely on other services for this task to minimize the problem. Despite that, such initiatives suffer from a lack of transparency and trust.

Checking for diploma or certificate authenticity is a manually intensive, and sometimes expensive process. The recent advances of technology with the development of blockchain and smart contracts, based on their characteristics of immutability, decentralization, security, traceability, and consensus, can be considered an excellent match to implement a robust and reliable anti-fraud solution for diplomas management. In turn, tamper-proof digital diplomas can be easily assessed and verified by any interested party worldwide, without the need for intermediaries.

Doconchain and Education diplomas & certificates

We can summarize our approach in few words: Simplicity, Security and Privacy.

How it works

D.O.C solutions blockchain protected, adapted to education diplomas and certificates management. We have customized our D.O.C Paperless solutions for the education sector (D.O.C Sign, D.O.C Source, D.O.C Passport, D.O.C Storage, D.O.C Verify and D.O.C Vault).

- On the institution side

Institutions, universities or private schools can use a customizable version (under a custom plan) of our platform to create tamper-proof certificates and diplomas automatically recorded on the immutable blockchain decentralized ledger and secured via the distributed file storage system layer. The document passport will give access (to permissioned persons) to the verifiable information and data associated to the original document. Institutions can also use DOC Source to authenticate and record on the blockchain previous documents.

Each diploma or certificate become trustable, getting its unique fingerprint recorded on the blockchain ledger with a timestamp and a unique barcode which both (blockchain fingerprint and barcode) can be used to easily identify document tampered with or counterfeit.

- On the student side

Students can use the DOC Vault application to store the diplomas and certificates received during the education cycle and decide to share the access (to selected documents) with a potential employer who will be able to access the documents passports with the verifiable elements.

DOC Paperless for education can also be adapted to facilitate and support the relation between students and professors during education cycles. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and for a demo.