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DocOnChain has the solutions for the Real Estate industry

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

D.O.C's solutions are considered as part of "The Most Crucial Digital Tools for Real Estate Transactions" by Havitas Development who organized a webinar presenting the new generation of tools that would allow Real Estate developers and brokers to share information and do digital transactions with their clients.

D.O.C's CEO, Olivier Bariou, was invited last May 30 to present his platform solutions to a crowd of more than 130 Real Estate companies and brokers from the Philippines and abroad.

The 3 main solutions developed by D.O.C allow users to digitally sign and manage e-Documents with a very high level of security and privacy, send and received e-Invoices/e-Receipts and remotely notarize documents using a secure video recording and storage solutions.

D.O.C is created for enterprises and governments as a one-stop platform with enhanced security and integrated collaborative features such as team workplaces for easy sharing of documents, private messaging, secure video calls, document verification and history as well and many more.

These solutions can help Real Estate businesses but also most companies in other industries to continue doing business in a very secure way during and after this period of sanitary restrictions. The D.O.C suite of services is becoming a Must Have for the New Normal that is gradually unfolding.

Real Estate agents can use our platform to remotely sign agreements and contracts with their clients in different countries while being sure that the signer’s identity is well known via the D.O.C signature credentials system for KYC and that it is a tamper-proof, certifiable document.

Digital invoices and receipts can be sent and received to confirm payments with a clear history and secure archiving and, in the countries where it is authorized, D.O.C also provides a remote notarization solution to close deals faster.

DocOnChain is in Free Private Beta for another short period of time. Get your invitation now!

Havitas Development is a Real Estate Development Services Company based in Manila, Philippines considered as one of the most influencial advisory companies in the country, organizing webinars and talks on the Real Estate market to help companies and brokers boost their sales. If you want to see the webinair in replay, check out this link.