• Saurat Fred

About DocOnChain's pricing

Updated: Jan 25

A clear and flexible pricing is part of D.O.C's DNA.

The D.O.C platform is built on a token named D.O.C Credit which is pegged on the US dollar to make it stable. Each plan provides users with a set number of credits each month. Credits can also be purchased and earned. Purchased credits (or earned) can be sent to another subscriber.

In terms of pricing, we adapt a solution to each category of entrepreneurs ranging from a Free plan with 40 credits per month which allows to create and manage around 10 documents per month while using collaborative tools to Plans customized for large companies or governments in terms of solutions and security.

We have 2 pricing categories, one linked to classic plans from Basic to Custom Plans which are based on ‘completed documents’ and ‘video minutes; and an API pricing which can be adapted to Custom plans and which is based on ‘call’ (document signature / approval call, form call or video call).

Our goal is to be the collaborative platform that provides a complete suite of services to facilitate documents and contracts management through digital automation processes, under a safe environment and at an affordable cost.

All essential tools under one secure umbrella and a unique pricing.

We understand that today, enterprises or government bodies use different tools like DocuSign, Hellosign to sign documents, Zoom for meetings, Slack, Whatsapp to engage conversation, Google Docs, Dropbox to store documents… but this situation creates different problems in terms of traceability, security, privacy and pricing.

D.O.C provides a suite of tools, under a unique umbrella and a unique price per plan, to allow you to manage, sign, share and store your company e-documents and e-invoices with your team, partners and clients. This solution makes it possible to offer a better document traceability. Completed documents, but also their usage history, the video meetings and conversations associated to them can be found inside a unique easy-to-surface folder.

At the same time our blockchain architecture makes it possible to go digital in a secure environment with a high level of privacy based on the 'Document Passport' we have created which includes an unalterable audit trail for each completed document and the files attached to it.

Free and paid plan

There are 5 tiers and also possibilities to access additional credits for each tier. Here is what affects the plans and pricing:

- The number of seats attributed to administrators who can create projects. The Free Plan and Basic Plan are for individual and single entrepreneurs (1 admin seat), the Pro Plan offers up to 3 admin seats, the Team Plan offers up to 5 admin seats and the Custom Plan which has a number of seats adapted to the client’s need.

- The number of credits attributed to each plan are used for completed documents (under classic plans) and for calls (under the APIs solutions).

Key Information

. D.O.C Free plan is a ‘real’ free plan which means it is not limited in time and does not require a credit card.

. We have a flexible subscription system. Each month you receive the credits allocated to your plan and anytime, if you need more credits, you can buy more.

We bill through Stripe, a globally trusted online payment solution, and charge cards ‘only’ monthly or annually or per additional credits purchase.

. Credits associated to your plan, ‘plan credits’, are consumed before the purchased credits and these purchased credits are cumulative.

. Purchased credits can be sent to another D.O.C subscriber.

. You can access anytime your credit history (banner at the top of your homepage) and each transaction is recorded on the blockchain digital ledger.

Key Pricing (for the launch of the public beta - September 2020)

Each plan has a certain number of credits attributed each month:

- Free Plan: 30 credits

- Basic Plan: 9 US$/Mo - 60 credits

- Pro Plan: 29 US$/Mo - 180 credits

- Team Plan: 49 US$/Mo - 300 credits.

For enterprises and governments eligible for a Custom plan, please contact us. We have the solutions to provide the right plan that can help boost your business

Actions Credit Cost:

Simple signature: up to 2 signers = 4 credits - more signers = 5 credits

Authorized signature: 5 credits

Invoices and receipts: 3 credits

Video call: every 20mn = 3 credits - recorded/20mn + 3 credits

Notarization: up to 3 signers = 160 credits - more signers = 200 credits

(Indicative pricing and costs that can be changed anytime by the D.O.C management.

Subscribers will be informed by email, at least, 1 month before any change.)

D.O.C subscribers also have access to all the other tools proposed by the platform such as D.O.C Talk, D.O.C Share, D.O.C Templates, D.O.C Storage and D.O.C Network while benefiting from management/traceability (D.O.C Folders, D.O.C Passport and D.O.C Verify) and the security/privacy associated to the D.O.C tech architecture (Distributed Files Storage and Zero Knowledge Proof Solutions).