• Valerie

How to start with DocOnChain.

Updated: Mar 30, 2020


First, you need (in 'Projects setting') to set up your signature and your team (who will sign documents with you, inside your company). From there you can start your first ‘project’ with a document to sign.

Preparing a document

Select a PDF (to upload) or a template (to customize).

Select the signature mode between:

- Simple signature where 2 or more persons sign a document;

- Authorized signature, where 1 or more of your managers need to sign a document before it goes to other signers;

- Notarized signature, where a document is signed by parties and after that, notarized by a authorized legal.

Select the signers and the level of signature requested (Level 1 for simple signature or Level 2 for signature with verified credentials ).

Next step is to place the ‘marks’ on the document for initials and/or signatures.

You are now ready to sign it (if you are one of the signers) and send it to the signers (in 1 click).

Tip: As a creator of a project, you can resize and move a signature when you review a document.

Signing a document

Next step, the signers receive an email notification that directs them to the ‘free’ guest app to sign the document, after having created their initials and signature.

Each of the signatures will be recorded in the blockchain with a time stamp..

Next, the document will be accessible in “Projects history / in progress” and will be ready for validation.

You can now select the page(s) that can be viewed for the ‘Verifiable Presentation’ and decide if the document (original and copies) will be accessible by the signers in a mode ‘for read only’ or ‘for read and download’.

From there you can validate the document. It will appear as ‘completed’ and will be stored based on a secure distributed storage system (the document is sharded and encrypted before being stored on different places).

Document management

When completed, the signers can access the document from the “D.O.C Vault” app. You and them can access original, copies and verifiable presentation.

Note: a signer can access anytime a document signed and send a version to a third party. He will name the receiver and his email and the document will be sent to this person with a time stamp and recorded in the blockchain as a transaction while being notified in the document history.

Tip: A document sent to a third party, can be on mode ‘for read only’ or 'for read & download’. The document will be annotated at the bottom with the name of the receiver and the date while being recorded in the document history for the other signers.