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DocOnChain adds a Health Travel Pass solution to D.O.C Paperless

Updated: Apr 3

DocOnChain has customized its D.O.C Paperless solutions blockchain protected to provide a tamper-proof Health passport solution.

This solution enables the D.O.C HTP passport to 1) aggregate information about COVID-19 tests and vaccine certificates from accredited partners and 2) be interoperable with the other international standard solutions to deliver and verify COVID-19 certificate records.

The solution was built to integrate the ecosystem of digital health passports providing a solution blockchain protected.

Governments are working to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and revive their economies but they all face the challenge of re-opening their borders and allowing domestic and international travels inside and outside their countries to resume for workers and tourists while protecting the health of their population.

A need of tamper-proof certificates solutions

The traceability of tamper-proof COVID-19 vaccination and test certificates will become essential in tomorrow to accept travelers. As a result, governments need trustworthy, tamper-proof and interoperable systems to validate the health status of individuals, respectful of personal data privacy laws.

Numerous reports in various countries show that COVID-19 test certificates are (easily) tampered with. Airlines are already reporting cases of counterfeit test results being presented for travel, and the incidence is expected to increase dramatically as requirements shift from test results to proof of vaccination. QR code technology solutions are not enough to protect the data and are not tamper-proof. The issuance process of the test and vaccination certificates should not allow such security breaches.

At that point of the post, it is appropriate to also remind that Cyber-attacks, breaches and counterfeiting schemes continue to escalate and small and large businesses are concerned. Ransomware attacks and other forms of data breaches have now become a day-to-day challenge. According to Juniper Research, damages caused by cyber-attacks and digital fraud in 2019 amounted to $2 trillion while the number of cyber-attacks multiplied by 4 in 2020.

Digital health pass systems – that combine identity credentials, health credentials (test results and vaccination certificates) and blockchain protection, will make it faster and easier for any control officers to verify an individual’s COVID-19 status while reducing the potential for fraudulent results and preventing misuse of personal health data.

The DOC HTP Passport solution based on blockchain technology is a key piece to ensure security and privacy for the management of COVID-19 testing and vaccine certificates.

The goal is that border agencies, airlines and other entities can easily confirm Covid-19 vaccination or testing records and can do so with confidence that the records came from a trusted healthcare source, are not tamper with and are linked to the correct individual.

The solution protects both the certificate and the privacy of the user while demonstrating his health status to safely travel (or return to public events or to school).

It can be provided as a standalone app or can be integrated into the existing apps of partners such as airlines, government borders, travel companies or workplaces and public venues.

The solution was built to be interoperable both with another applications and across institutional and geographic borders. The solution follow the Smart Vaccination Certificate guidance provided by the World Health Organization and also the (10) 'Good Health Pass Collaborative' principles.

How the DOC HTP solution works?

It is built with the D.O.C Paperless solutions blockchain managed: D.O.C Source, D.O.C Sign, D.O.C Passport, D.O.C Storage and the D.O.C Vault app.

1. Trusted Health sources and certificates management

Accredited sources can access the D.O.C HTP blockchain permissioned platform to fill, sign and upload test or vaccination certificates for the authentication and recording on the immutable and incorruptible blockchain digital ledger. The documents completed are following an innovative DFS process (Distributed Files Storage) to reinforce security & privacy (the documents are automatically sharded, encrypted and duplicated before to be stored on a distributed network of nodes blockchain managed which are themselves stored on client storage system). After that the certificate is automatically associated to a Document Passport that enables to access verifiable elements such as blockchain records.

2. A Health Travel Pass easy to use and secure

On the other side, the tested or vaccinated person receives the tamper proof version of the certificate associated to a unique QR code that give access to primary information for verifiers and also via a ‘view key’ to verifiable elements which are incorruptible and recorded on the blockchain ledger.

3. The DOC Vault mobile app and HTP feature

Travelers can receive their certificate directly on the (free) DOC Vault mobile application or on another partner mobile application. The application can integrate (via API connection) the health entry requirement forms of participant countries (or partners), that travelers can complete on mobile and associate to their own travel pass QR code for verifiers. The application form will be also protected by the blockchain based solutions.

4. A seamless journey for travelers

Built on blockchain secure solutions, the D.O.C Health Travel Pass will allow individuals to present their health information form and test/vaccination certificate to demonstrate that they meet the health entry requirements of their destination.

1. The application displays entry requirements based on destination requests;

2. Travelers receive their certificate with the document passport which includes verifiable elements;

3. Travelers complete the required health declaration and provide a ‘view key’;

4. A Green Pass is generated when the requirements form and the certificate are verified;

5. The Pass can be visualized and verifiable elements accessed;

6. The Pass can be interoperable with another verifying solution.

D.O.C Health Travel Pass Process

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