• Saurat Fred

DocOnChain launches a ‘Document Passport’ blockchain managed.

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

D.O.C noticed the pandemic acted as an accelerator for enterprises and governments to move into the digital age. For enterprises, the transition to digital document management allows them to maintain and develop their business. For governments, it will help them continue to provide official documents such as certificates and permits.

Going digital, these organizations face the additional challenge of distributing sensitive softcopy documents (in PDF format) that can easily be tampered with.

DocOnChain already takes advantage of a blockchain technology to provide, under a SaaS platform (Software as a Service), a suite of services which already includes:

‘D.O.C Sign’, a new generation of digital signatures, blockchain managed, that offers more security and can provide signers credentials for a KYC process. These tamper-proof signatures are associated with different processes of approval and document signature to fit the need of enterprises and governments. And

‘D.O.C Collaboration’, a secure suite of tools that combines messaging, recordable video meeting and a template library to work faster and smarter with a team and a network of partners and clients.

We are now, adding D.O.C passport and D.O.C Verify for the management and tracking of documents, contracts and their copies.

‘D.O.C passport’ is based on a combination of innovative technologies:

a permissioned blockchain, a DFS system (Distributed Files Storage) to leverage the security and a ZKP solution (Zero Knowledge Proof) to reinforce privacy. Documents and signatures are recorded on the blockchain and later the events like download or copies sent are also added on the immutable ledger. The system enables to provide a tamper-proof audit trail for each document while allowing to send unalterable copies to requesters.

‘D.O.C Verify’ can be used on the D.O.C platform or via a free to use Mobile application. The service enables to instantly check a document copy to see if it was tampered with or counterfeited. The verifier can scan the document barcode or upload the PDF copy to the system to access the document’s verifiable elements and get the document’s status (certified or forged).

We understand that paper-based processes slow down business development and prevent efficiency while being costly.

But we also know that many organizations in industries and in the public sector need to deal with regulated and audited approval and quality management processes. That is why the D.O.C suite of services, under its D.O.C custom plans, can be easily customized and integrated into existing client document management & tracking systems. We can adapt our solutions to client’s approval and signature processes and D.O.C can also provide a private permissioned blockchain that can be deployed on the cloud or on premise upon client request.

We believe that in the new normal, solutions for digital management & tracking of documents and contracts are becoming a 'must have' but we also believe that (high level of) Trust, Security, Privacy and (affordable) Costs will be the key factors for mass adoption… of our D.O.C solutions.

Learn more about the D.O.C platform, try our free plan now and start to work smarter and safer!