• Saurat Fred

D.O.C 2021 roadmap

DocOnChain provides a platform of services for enterprises and governments to facilitate and secure the management and exchange of digital documents and data using a blockchain based architecture to reinforce security, privacy and trust. The platform foundations are built on 5 first solutions: D.O.C Sign, D.O.C Passport, D.O.C Verify, D.O.C Storage and D.O.C Collaboration.

Based on this first set of solutions, we have developed a first customized platform ‘D.O.C Paperless’ to facilitate the transition to digital and boost business while being more eco-responsible. The end-to-end solutions focus on the security, management, storage, signature and exchange of documents, contracts, invoices and document notarization.

2020 was a busy year

We launched in 2020 the D.O.C Paperless platform (currently in beta)

Via SaaS public plans for SME,

Custom plans for large enterprises and

Adapted solutions for government bodies and institutions.

We also launched our first mobile App D.O.C Verify and

the D.O.C Notary platform was tested in private beta.

Feedback are positive and we will continue the deployment D.O.C Paperless in 2021

We are testing a second mobile app D.O.C Vault to sign documents and manage the ones completed or shared. We are developing a series of video tutorials to facilitate the usage of the different modules and we are working on an affiliate program to incentive our users who help to develop a network effect.

2021 will be smart and green

We believe that Blockchain will be for Climate solutions in this decade, what Cloud was for data management in the last one…

Experts are very clear on what is coming “The looming climate crisis will be to this century what the two world wars were to the previous one. It will require countries and institutions to re-allocate capital from other endeavors to fight against a warming planet” Said Fred Wilson one of the most respected VC in US.

DocOnChain is participating to the fight. We help enterprises and governments take advantage of both the transition to digital using our blockchain solutions and the adoption of a more sustainable governance by measuring the reduction in environmental impact converted into carbon emission reductions to obtain tradable carbon credits.

Our next step is to deliver an adapted suite of solutions for a ‘D.O.C Supply Chain’ platform with track and trace services to source documents and data, record them on the blockchain distributed ledger, store them in a passport and provide access via a verification application and collaborative tools.

We are developing strategic partnerships in different verticals such as food, logistics and energy, to access and organize networks data source and use our solutions to provide trust, security and transparency in the traceability of goods and energy consumption while facilitating a transition to an agile supply chain based on responsiveness and flexibility to save time and money while adopting a more sustainable governance.

The last step, is to connect the 2 platforms D.O.C Paperless and D.O.C Supply Chain to a Carbon Footprint Passport blockchain managed using our tools to convert the transition to digital into carbon emission reductions and tradable carbon credits. In other words, the goal of this last step is to increase the benefits from the adoption of a more sustainable governance.

And when we say 'tradable carbon credits', we are thinking tokenization of carbon credits and blockchain managed trading platform....

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