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DOC Paperless uses Blockchain to protect your documents from forgery

Updated: Jan 18

The Pandemic has accelerated the transition to digital for governments, institutions and enterprises, the advent of the 5G will continue this transition. This shift is associated to a major threat based on the security and trust of digital documents which are easy to tamper with. The certificate fraud is a global and borderless threat and document-issuing authorities are under increasing pressure to protect the integrity of sensitive documents.

Document issuers and holders rely on trusted solutions to manage and exchange digital documents, while verifiers, need quick and foolproof ways to verify that documents are valid and authentic in order to build trusted relationships.

Government documents, Academic institution diploma, documents notarized... and your sensitive documents are at risk.

An increasing number of cases of fraud have been reported in relation to the misuse of government-issued documents such as certificates issued for birth, death, marriage or permits issued for business or documents notarized. Recently different international studies showed a large fraud around the certificates of COVID-19 tests, people who wanted to travel with a negative test, did not hesitate to use forged documents. Academic institutions worldwide are also under increasing pressure to safeguard their brands and the authenticity of alumni credentials amid the rapid growth in forged certificates/diplomas. Notary fraud is also increasing with digital version of valuable documents and records tampered with or forged, without the knowledge of document signatories. Some countries lack a proper system to verify the legitimacy of notary services, leaving people at risk of fraud and undermining legitimate providers.

In short, the need for an effective means to authenticate and verify original certificates and digital versions issued by legitimate authorities has never been so strong.

Why and how D.O.C Paperless protect your documents with a blockchain technology

DOcOnChain has developed, for its 'D.O.C Paperless' platform of services, a set of protections managed by a permissioned blockchain architecture to allow users of the services to issue tamper-proof digital documents and certificates while enabling those documents to be instantly verified.

The D.O.C Paperless permissioned blockchain technology enables to reduce the cost of security and trust while reinforcing the security around digital documents exchange. The blockchain architecture is built to manage 3 systems based on a DFT (Decentralized Ledger Technology), a DFS (Distributed File Storage) and a QR-code tamper-proof solution.

It is important to note that only persons authorized can access a permissioned blockchain platform and only transactions associated to the permissioned network can be recorded on the decentralised ledger. The permissioned blockchain provided by DocOnChain platform of services allows to reinforce the security but also to control the transactions cost. The blockchain solution is also interoperable with other blockchain infrastructures. which is an important thing to consider in a global economy.

D.O.C Sign and D.O.C Passport solutions are using the blockchain DFT to transform signatures in unique assets managed by smart contracts (automated algorithms associated to blockchain technologies that execute orders) and to records with timestamps, signatures, documents completed and events linked to the use of the documents in the incorruptible decentralized ledger.

At the same time, the Document Passport gives access to verifiable elements associated to a document such as an immutable audit trail (history), the blockchain records (the hash fingerprints and timestamps), data linked to issuers and holders and an original version of the document protected by a Zero Knowledge Proof solution.

D.O.C storage is using the DFS system for the treatment of documents completed, that are sharded, encrypted and duplicated before to be stored in nodes which are themselves stored on cloud or on premise based on client’s requests. This system blockchain managed makes hacking almost impossible as documents are not stored in one piece in a database, like before with the old school document management solutions.

D.O.C Verify, a free mobile app, uses the unique QR-code (fingerprint) associated to a document, a certificate or a copy to access the document passport and its verifiable elements, and instantly verify if the document was tampered with or forged. The secure QR-code system enables to verify the integrity of both paper-based and digital certificates and documents, safeguarding their value.

D.O.C Paperless solutions enables document issuers like educational institutions, government bodies, notaries or your own business to secure value documents at a cost effective. It facilitates the transition to digital and more importantly to an eco-responsible governance.

In summary, D.O.C Paperless offers several distinct advantages over market alternatives

. Digital signature blockchain protected and authentication of signatories for KYC

. Documents secured with access to unique document passports and instant verification solution that works for paper or digital document versions

. Issued documents protected with DFS for a more secure storage

. Privacy preserved allowing only issuers and authorized persons to access documents

. Platform accessible via a simple SaaS solution at (very) affordable costs starting with a (real) FREE plan..

Try the D.O.C Paperless FREE plan now and boost your business while being eco-responsible!

If you are an enterprise, contact us, we can customize a solution for you!

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