• Valerie

DocOnChain is opening its platform in private beta and on a free mode

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

DocOnChain is opening on a free mode its solution to digitally sign and manage documents using blockchain to secure and record the entire process.

To help businesses and administrations in this period of crisis, DocOnChain “D.O.C”, the all-in-one Software as a Service solution ("SaaS") that enables to sign and manage documents using a new generation of digital signature that is highly secured and privacy respecting, has decided to provide its services in private beta (under invitation) free of charge for the next 3 months.

Managed under a blockchain architecture, the D.O.C platform associates tamper-evident digital signatures to a distributed documents storage in a way that is cryptographically secure, privacy respecting, and machine verified. This solution, enables documents to be digitally signed between two or more parties with the ability to link signatures to credentials to certify signer identities and let authorities sign.

D.O.C is built to facilitate the “Digital” relationship between participants inside a secure ecosystem which include issuers, holders, and verifiers of documents. Documents signed are sharded, encrypted, and distributed across multiple storage nodes, making unauthorized access practically impossible.

Documents are easy to recover and signers can at anytime prove that a document was signed, using the immutable blockchain records and the innovative 'D.O.C verifiable presentation' which is using a Zero-Knowledge Proof system to respect document privacy. At the same time, only signers can access to original or copies and the history of a document access is also recorded in the blockchain ledger.

The D.O.C platform provides a mobile application "the D.O.C Vault" for document signers which enables them to access anytime documents and share them with requesting bodies while providing verifiable signature credentials.

“We decided to launch our platform in private beta a little early and in a free mode to participate in our way in the fight against the current crisis allowing companies to continue to sign documents with customers and suppliers using a digital mode highly secured.” Said Olivier Bariou, CEO of DocOnChain.

Enterprises and government bodies can access to more information at ‘doconchain.com’ and request an invitation to register an account.