• Valerie

DocOnChain helps your company save time and money

Updated: May 25, 2020

We have now shifted to a new way of working while discovering new and more efficient ways of getting things done every day, digital solutions and services are becoming vital for enterprises. At the same time, the security and privacy of the data processed will become more and more at the center of the attention.

In other words, 'Trust' is the ultimate value that your providers need to put on the table while showing where and how your company documents and data are processed.

Providing the best document management tools and services for enterprises and government bodies has been a key factor that motivated the creation of DocOnChain.

To help companies optimize the use of digital documents, D.O.C is opening, step by step, a series of tools and services to:

  1. sign and manage documents,

  2. create and manage invoices, and

  3. notarize documents.

With taking advantage of new technologies like a blockchain architecture and a Distributed Files Storage system, D.O.C is offering a cost adapted solution for each company size while providing a high level of security and privacy for everyone.

We’re helping companies get more work done digitally, working together to not miss a beat. ‘D.O.C e-Documents’ helps you simplify document signing process, making it easier for you and your team to prepare and send documents for signature while offering a secure way to manage and store your critical company documents.

To make things simpler, we have adapted a plan to any company size, from ‘Freemium plan’ for personal use to ‘Team plan’ for growing companies, collaboration and custom solutions for large enterprises and government bodies which can include API integration and a private dedicated blockchain architecture.

We are now in private beta with a free access until end of June 2020. Get you invitation and signup now for a free account on D.O.C. Enjoy the platform and give us your feedback.

No matter how you need to work with documents during these ever-evolving times, DocOnChain has the tools and services to help you save time and money while you’re working remotely or inside your enterprise. For more information, please visit DocOnChain.com