• Valerie

Blockchain to help secure business operations during the current crisis

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

COVID-19 pushed governments to implement lockdowns, quarantines, travel bans, business closures, social distancing and working from home to fight the spread of the disease.

So how companies from all sizes can maintain part of their business activities in view of this pandemic?

For some industries, the answer could be working from home, online collaboration, video conference calls, but how could companies continue to sign documents without collaborators meeting?

Online signing of digital documents has been around for years, but is this method really secured and privacy respecting? We are talking about your company documents here... Many studies show that traditional methods of digital signing have many issues such as signature fraud and security, documents privacy and control.

The D.O.C solution to these flaws is to introduce a hack-proof, verifiable, immutable and time-stamped new generation of digital signature associated to a highly secured management system for document signing based on a blockchain architecture and a distributed storage. Confidentiality is also a main concern for D.O.C which records the usage of original and copies of documents signed on blockchain.

Olivier Bariou, CEO of DocOnChain just announced "We decided to launch our platform a little earlier than scheduled with a 3-month free access to participate in our way in the fight against the current crisis allowing companies to continue to sign documents with customers and suppliers using a remote and highly secured digital signature system".

D.O.C is built to help enterprises and government agencies with applications ranging from contract signing (NDA, MOU, commercial contracts, purchase orders, etc.) to public documents (Executive orders, e-invoices, e-notarized documents, etc.).

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