• Saurat Fred

Blockchain as part of Cybersecurity solutions for Governments

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

After China, South Korea, UAE and Singapore, Australian government is focusing on blockchain. Australian Experts recently suggested that Blockchain should be considered as an integral part to protect the country businesses and government from Cyber-attacks “Blockchain Is Part of Australia’s Cyber Security Solution, Say Experts”

In the digital age, 'Trust' becomes the new Holy Grail and the trust of information will be at the center of collaborations. In term of cyber security, the problem is not only keeping people out but is also in maintaining the integrity of the data or documents created. The implications of people tampering with data or sensitive documents are huge and it is where Blockchain technology which can be defined as a way to use a decentralized and secure ledger to record encrypted transactions in different places while making them immutable and tamper-proof, should come as a game changer.

The new Internet based on blockchain and distributed storage enables, for the first time, to benefit from a solution where people can write something and can be sure that it can’t be overwritten. But, as I said in previous posts about blockchain, there are several blockchain solutions and they are unequal in term of security and quality.

DocOnChain has built its platform and blockchain architecture on top of a permissioned blockchain infrastructure named ProximaX Syrius which is a secure and scalable evolution of the NEM blockchain.

Recently this Blockchain technology which is already used by government in UAE and Malaysia, received two different certifications for its security capacity.

The first one came from the USA with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) which endorsed the Syrius blockchain, through its Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program, one of the globally accepted standards. The second one came from the CyberSecurity Malaysia which was founded as a national body to monitor Malaysian national e-security. Here, the Sirius blockchain was certified under Cryptographic Algorithm Conformance testing. This type of certification is a prerequisite for most government projects in Malaysia.

These certifications serve as a great assurance to the DocOnChain users that the technology infrastructure behind the platform of services is answering international standards and practices in term of security.