• Saurat Fred

A new milestone for DocOnChain

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

D.O.C launches its Public Beta

Amid this global pandemic, business leaders realize that their top challenges, such as productivity and process automation, are growing. The focus now is to find solutions to continue to develop business in the new normal.

The management of documents and contracts and their traceability in a secure environment is becoming one of the key solutions to boost business development.

The new normal requires DDMS (Digital Document Management System) as a lifeline to maintain normal business continuity.

The first generation of digital signature and digital document management was widely untrusted but technologies like blockchain digital ledger, distributed files storage and zero-knowledge proof can now provide solutions that can definitely put the concerns to rest.

The goal of the D.O.C suite of services is to shift teams away from busy work and fragmented processes so they can focus on more strategic and more rewarding efforts. Trust and security are key here because your documents should not be open books to everyone!

When you start a deal using a messaging tool, continuing it through another videoconferencing tool and finally signing the deal with another e-signature tool… If you think about the security and traceability of all the associated events in the process, it is just scary! And if you add that most of these tools are managed by US companies which present some concerns in terms of data privacy based on government regulations, it becomes even uglier. To address these concerns, we have not reinvented the Internet, just the management of digital documents using an innovative blockchain architecture.

Our journey started over a year ago when we decided to use blockchain to improve the way enterprises and governments create, approve, sign, manage and track documents such as contracts by providing a safe environment in terms of security, privacy and traceability that can be trusted.

This 8th of September 2020, we launched the D.O.C platform in public beta after several months in private beta where we learned a lot from our first users. It’s a new milestone for us and we want to thank all our team for this achievement.

The D.O.C suite of tools enables, in this version, to:

1) Create documents, contracts and invoices that need to be approved or signed, working with teams (D.O.C Team) and partners (D.O.C Network) using collaborative tools like D.O.C Talk, D.O.C Video and D.O.C Templates.

2) Digitally sign documents with D.O.C Sign, a signature system blockchain managed that can be trusted (with credentials authenticated for KYC),

3) Manage documents completed and videos recorded with D.O.C Box associating them in folders, sharing them with team or network (D.O.C Share) and tracking the use of originals and copies while accessing an unalterable audit trail, recorded in the blockchain ledger, through D.O.C Verifiable,

4) Store documents with a highly secure solution that also offers a high level of privacy by using a DFS system (Distributed Files Storage) and ZKP technology (Zero-knowledge Proof) managed under the blockchain DLT architecture (Distributed Ledger Technology).

This public beta is just a new milestone of a lot more coming. Our team stays focused to continue developing our platform solutions under our roadmap while improving the components of our D.O.C suite based on the feedback from our users.

Visit our website for more information and try our Free Plan! (Yes, a real Free Plan, not a few days free trial with only credit card access....)