D.O.C Paperless with its notary module... a service tailored for attorneys!  

Use the 'D.O.C Paperless' blockchain protected suite of solutions to digitally manage, sign, and exchange documents, contracts, agreements, invoices and receipts. 

Use the Notary module to notarize online your client documents with a secure and recordable video meeting system and a tamper-proof digital notarisation solution.

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How it works 

DocOnChain provides a suite of services, blockchain managed, built to make your documents safer and collaboration around them easier and more secure while largely reducing the cost of documents management and exchange.

D.O.C is developed around a new generation of tamper-proof and trustable digital signatures, an incorruptible document passport and a secure distributed files storage system to sign, manage, protect, exchange and trace documents.

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A suite of Innovative solutions 

D.O.C Sign: a new generation of digital signature blockchain managed with customizable workflow for e-Documents, e-Invoices and e-Notarization;

D.O.C Passport: provides access to the verifiable elements of documents recorded in the blockchain ledger and to a tamper-proof audit trail while allowing to edit, exchange and trace unalterable copies;

D.O.C Verify: provides solutions to trace and track documents and instantly verify copies to check if they were tampered with or are counterfeit;

D.O.C Storage: provides a highly secure DFS solution (Distributed File Storage) blockchain managed to protect digital documents before storing them on a cloud or on premise;

D.O.C Collaboration: a secured suite of tools to work on documents and share them with a team, partners and clients. The suite includes secure messaging and video meeting solutions.


Notary subscription


Per month and per attorney account

Subscription paid annually. 

Includes access to full services plus notary module.

For law firms with more than 5 legals contact us to benefit from our 'Custom Plan' 

Document notarized 

For a simple document notarized with one certificate, the requestor pay $20

$10 go to the notary and $10 to DocOnChain as convenience fee 

For other documents and/or more certificates

The notary fixe the price giving a quotation that need to be accepted by the requestor.

(based on his pricing published on his profile)

DocOnCain will take $15 has convenience fee + $2 per additional certificate. The other part goes to the notary. 

If you have already a D.O.C Paperless account, you will be able to simply add the Notary module for $27 per month. GO to SIgnup to learn more, 

Join D.O.C Paperless now as a legal notary

to boost your business and notarize documents online

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