Legally notarize documents online.

D.O.C Notary uses blockchain technology to secure the process of digital notarization 

and provide tamper-proof documents notarized

Trusted online notarization

D.O.C Notary offers blockchain powered solutions to support and secure the digital notarization of documents 

Easy, Secure and Sustainable

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Notarize online your client documents with the RON solution powered by D.O.C Notary. 

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How it works 

D.O.C Notary is built on industry standard with solutions based on a blockchain architecture that provides tamper-proof notarized documents. 

The RON (Remote Online Notarization) platform is powered by DocOnChain which is the provider of the successful D.O.C Paperless SaaS platform, used by governments and enterprises for a secure transition to digital and an eco-responsible governance.  


1. Request and upload: Request the notarization of a document, selects an accredited notary and send him a message with the relevant document attached.


2. Get Noticed: The notary receives a notification, verify the document with its attachments and schedules a video meeting.


3. Connect in a video meeting: The notary and signatories have a video meeting which will be recorded by the notary for regulatory purpose..


4. Wait for a Secure e-Notarization: The notary digitally notarizes the document using his signature and seal. All the elements, notarized document and associated files (requirements and recorded video file) are recorded in the immutable blockchain distributed ledger with a timestamp.  


6. Receive the document legally notarized: A tamper-proof original (which include a unique barcode) of the notarized document is sent to the signatories. Notary, signatories and legal authorities can access the document passport with verifiable elements and audit trail, whenever they wish to.

A simple journey
Why you should choose digital notarization with D.O.C Notary?

Faster and Smarter 

RON will help you to save time and reduce costs 


D.O.C notary should be part of you transition to paperless 

Secure and Convenient

Our solutions blockchain protected secure documents management and exchange 


Single and simple document online notarization with one notary certificate.

+$2 for additional certificate.

For property transactions or other  financial agreements, request a quotation from our legal notaries. 

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We use a 2-step verification process to insure safety and legitimacy of every online notarization

End to end service

The platform provides a full online notarization service with blockchain protected solutions

Trusted and Secure

All of our notaries are vetted and certified.

Documents notarized are tamper-proof and provide immutable audit trail


The platform is geo-localized and provide solutions locally regulated to citizens and enterprises

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