Boost your business 


Boost your



with the D.O.C collaborative platform

DocOnChain provides a suite of services built to make your documents safer and collaboration around them easier and more secure while significantly reducing the cost of document management.

D.O.C is developed around a new generation of tamper-proof digital signatures blockchain based and a secure distributed files storage system to sign, manage and trace documents 

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More secure, less expensive and more collaborative than any other, D.O.C allows you to 

Take the stress out of filing paperwork and focus more on closing deals.

D.O.C removes the frustrations to manage contracts and documents with a built-in workflow and effortless collaborative organization

Take 2 minutes to discover why D.O.C is

the most secure platform for e-documents management

Start working smarter and faster 

Safely manage, sign, share and store your digital documents in minutes

Our mission is to create a collaborative platform that allows companies to do business in a digital age,

reducing friction in the process of dealing with partners, suppliers and clients via:

- A tamper-proof digital signature system with signer authentication for KYC

- A distributed and encrypted document storage hack-proof 

 - Solutions to manage e-documents, e-invoices and e-notarization

- A document tracking system blockchain managed to identify tampered documents

- Collaborative tools to manage your company documents 

- A document template library​

We consider TRUST as the next SaaS currency

D.O.C is a “why I didn’t find this before” kind of thing…

It removes the frustrations to manage contracts and documents

with built-in workflow and effortless collaborative organization.