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We provide a suite of services built to make your documents safer and collaboration around them easier and more secure while significantly

reducing the cost of documents management. 

We offer solutions entrepreneur friendly

from SME and Startups to large Companies. 

 'Doc on Chain' is developed around a

tamper-proof digital signature platform

to sign and certify documents in blockchain.


Take 2mn to see why

D.O.C is the more secure platform 

How we are taking advantage from

the blockchain technology

Security - Trust - Privacy - Cost saving 

the D.O.C platform of services is managed via a blockchain architecture

The D.O.C platform associates tamper-evident digital signatures to a distributed documents storage in a way that is cryptographically secure, privacy respecting, and machine verified.


The useful part is that once a signature hash is stored it cannot be changed or deleted.

This gives you two things:

1) The hash itself identify the file from which it was computed.

2) The fact that your hash is in the blockchain gives you a point in time when the operation was done.

In the future you can say: I’ve signed this document at this date and time, here is the transaction in the blockchain which contains the hash. Now a person can take your file and compute the hash again and verify that it matches the one stored in the blockchain. 


The D.O.C Offer

Tamper-Proof digital signatures


+ Distributed documents storage


+ Document template library


We use Blockchain to provide immutable and incorruptible signatures