DocOnChain provides a suite of services built to make your documents safer and collaboration around them easier and more secure while significantly reducing the cost of document management.

We offer solutions that are entrepreneur friendly from Startups and SME to large Companies and Government bodies 

 DocOnChain is developed around a new generation of tamper-proof digital signature blockchain based and a distributed files storage system to sign and manage documents 


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Take 2 minutes to discover why D.O.C

is the most secure digital signature platform 

The D.O.C collaborative platform 

Excited to close your next deal but bored to manage the documents attached?

Start working smarter

Safely sign, share, manage and store your digital documents in minutes

- A tamper-proof digital signature system with signer KYC

- A distributed and encrypted document storage

- Solutions to manage e-documents, e-invoices and e-notarization

- Collaborative tools to manage your company documents 

- A document template library

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