What we do

We help your business to go paperless with secure and affordable solutions

with the D.O.C collaborative platform

manage, sign and exchange documents, contracts and invoices with secure solutions blockchain protected

Boost your business going paperless

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DocOnChain provides a suite of services, blockchain managed, built to make your documents safer and collaboration around them easier and more secure while largely reducing the cost of documents management and exchange.

D.O.C is developed around a new generation of tamper-proof and trustable digital signatures, an incorruptible document passport and a secure distributed files storage system to sign, manage, protect, exchange and trace documents 

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More secure, less expensive and more collaborative than any other, D.O.C allows you to 

Take the stress out of filing paperwork and focus more on closing deals.

D.O.C removes the frustrations to manage contracts and documents with a built-in workflow and effortless collaborative organization

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Boost your business today

with blockchain powered solutions that 

support and secure your transition to digital  and to an eco-responsible governance

Take 2 minutes to discover why D.O.C Paperless is

the most trusted platform for e-documents management

Start working smarter and faster 

Safely manage, sign, share and store your digital documents in minutes

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Our mission is to create a collaborative platform that allows companies to do business in a digital age,

reducing friction in the process of dealing with partners, suppliers and clients via:

- A tamper-proof digital signature system based on NFT with signer authentication for KYC

- A distributed and encrypted document storage hack-proof 

 - Solutions to manage e-documents, e-invoices and e-notarization

- A document tracking system blockchain managed to identify tampered documents

- Collaborative tools (messaging, video meeting) to build manage your company documents 

- A document templates library​

We consider TRUST as the next SaaS currency

D.O.C Paperless is a “why I didn’t find this before” kind of thing…

It removes the frustrations to manage contracts and documents

while facilitating the transition to an eco-responsible governance 

Tall Trees

DOC Paperless


Forests protection is one of the 17 SDG for climate change 

Why? We can't live without them

Saving forests as a UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Forests serve as the Earth’s lungs, absorbing carbon emissions and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. Forests both clean the air and provide the oxygen we breathe... More than 20% of the world’s breathable oxygen is produced in the Amazon rainforest alone.


Users of the D.O.C Paperless platform, reducing paper waste will cumulate different benefits such as cost reduction, business processes acceleration while participating to carbon emission reduction with a sustainable governance. 


Reports show that recycling just one tone of paper can save 7,000 gallons of water. It also saves 17 trees, three cubic yards of landfill space, and 4,000 kilowatts of energy.

What's next ?

D.O.C Data Trust with a Supply Chain platform and a Carbon Passport is coming. 

Our goal is to help enterprises and governments to reduce the cost of trust and security in collecting and reporting documents and data while being eco-responsible. 

Stay with us! 

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